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Introducing [vrsn], the perfect everyday sneaker.

Shockingly comfortable, effortlessly stylish, water & stain repellent, and 100% machine washable. It's like no shoe you’ve ever worn before.

These days, most people need a pair of hard-working, good-looking shoes that go with any outfit or occasion. From hybrid working to a day exploring the city –  versatility and comfort are key.

The problem is most comfortable shoes don’t look great, and stylish shoes often cause pain. What's more? Both types get dirty easily and are hard to keep looking new.

Despite the thousands (millions?) of existing shoes on the market, none of them did the few simple things that really matter - so we decided to create one. A good looking, go-anywhere shoe with the comfort and support of a running shoe, that's also insanely easy to keep clean.

Why [vrsn]?

100% Washable

Scuffs, stains, chewing gum, dog sh*t, a stray curb you didn't see, someone stepping on your shoes, the list goes on and on. The world is our to make your shoes look pretty ugly, pretty fast.

There's nothing you can do about it, right? 

All the material and design choices that make [vrsn] sneakers comfortable and stylish ALSO make them 100% washable, so you can keep them looking fresh and new, longer.  

A lot of shoes claim to be washable, but this isn't really true. Often due to poor material or design choices, washing (and drying) other shoes results in frayed laces or misshapen soles. Or, the shoes just don't really get that clean in the first place.

We put [vrsn] in a heads-up washing test against a few other sneakers on the market, and we think the results speak for themselves...

4 Ways





* Update * As of May 28, our backers have voted and a new All Black color-way is now available!

Sizing Guide

Need a size exchange? We know getting a perfect fit can sometimes be difficult, especially when purchasing online. It’s our mission you get the best possible fit with your [vrsn]'s. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out!


To offer the best price shipping rates, we decided to charge for shipping after the campaign. While we've worked with numerous couriers to get detailed estimates already, better information with respect to regions and quantities will allow us to source more accurate rates. 

Our Story

I started working on [vrsn] during Covid, when I noticed a lack of stylish, affordable, and comfortable sneakers that fit all occasions. Luxury Italian leather sneakers were incredibly expensive and uncomfortable, comfort sneakers didn't look great, and lightweight sustainable sneakers didn't hold up well and often lacked support. It was out of this frustration that [vrsn] was born.

Along the way, I lucked out and met an amazingly talented footwear design veteran, Mark Britton, who has created shoes for some of the biggest brands in the world.  With his expertise, we brought [vrsn] to life and he patiently answered all my questions along the way — shoutout to Mark!

As amazing as it is to launch [vrsn] here on Kickstater, there's no substitute for the real thing. Once you put on a pair, you immediately "get" it. I've been wearing the same pair of [vrsn] sneakers for over a year (beige prototypes), and they look and feel as good as new. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading, and for [vrsn] backers, thank you even more. Your support means the world and I'm so excited to get a pair onto your feet!

- Justin Kuok, [vrsn] Founder

(P.S., Why the brackets around our name? A founding principle of our brand is constant improvement. We're not perfect, and never will be, but we'll always strive to be better. The square brackets [ ] in our name, which often are used as placeholders, highlight this.)



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Kickstarter Trio | 3x Pairs

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